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Where it all began...

Since 1972, Louis W. Bray Construction has been delivering quality projects and building lasting relationships. 

Our history starts when Louis Bray saw the opportunity to go out on his own with a $5k inheritance from his dad and $5k borrowed from his sister and brother-in-law in 1972. Louis saw some exciting projects coming to tender and got to work. He won his first contract with Lancaster Township with the Wood Creek multi-plate culvert for $9,632. Louis set up his office in Green Valley and continued with RESILIENCE and hard work, one project at a time.

At Louis W. Bray Construction, we continue in Louis' memory with the mentality of work hard, play hard. We are now coming up on 800 projects since that first one in Lancaster and continue to deliver quality work and lasting relationships.

In 1990, Louis passed away leaving June Bray at the helm. June put her trust in her son Mike Bray to lead the company operationally, which he has successfully done since. Mike has continued with the quality, work ethic and relationship mentality of Louis. 

After some time spent working outside the business in the construction industry, Nicholas Bray returned to the company in 2016. Michael mentors his son by sharing his own valuable knowledge and expertise; and by leveraging these ongoing lessons, Nick looks forward to enhancing the team in his own capacity.

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