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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Project Location: Princeton Avenue, Ottawa, ON

Project Team:

  • Operations Manager - Nick Bray

  • Project Coordinator - Travis Smith

  • Site super - Renzo Burri

Project Duration:

Start: October 2019

End: December 2020

Project Info:

  • Site servicing for 16-unit lot development

  • 55m Rear laneway with 7 units: 2” PEX WM, 10” PVC STM Collector, 36” Conc. STM, and 8” PVC SAN

  • Services from Roadway for 9 units: 5” PVC SAN, 4” PVC STM, ¾” PEX WTR, 10” PVC STM Collector w/ BW valve

  • Foundation excavation and subgrade preparation

  • Work at 373 Princeton progressed well despite some issues with permitting. Our crews put in the effort and got the job done a day before the last asphalt plant shut down. Work winter 2019 was to install 4 sets of services off of Edison Ave and 5 sets of services off of Melbourne Ave, completed within 2.5 weeks.

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