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Project Location: Patenaude East Subdivision, Embrun, ON


  • Melanie Construction

  • Township of Russell

  • McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers

Project Info:

  • Modifications/updates to existing pumping station and sanitary sewer upgrades - all while maintaining full operation of the station with bypass pumping

  • Forcemain and watermain across the Castor River via directional drilling

  • 8m deep shoring & construction of new wet well, including 3 new 105HP pumps and all associated mechanical and electrical components

  • Construction of New Pump Station Control Building including all Electrical & Mechanical components.

  • 7m deep excavation for new gravity sewer connecting to new wet well with isolation gate

  • 5000 m of 300mm sanitary force-main by directional drill to connect new pump station to existing lagoon, including 11 air release chambers and new air release valves. A portion of this force-main had to be open cut and hoe-rammed through rock.

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