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Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Project location: Ottawa, ON

Project team:

  • Project Manager - Stephane Desjardins

  • Site Super - Darcy Dewar

  • PC/QC: Kaley Wainright

Project duration:

Project Start: July 2021

Project Completion: November 2022

Site Info:

  • Storm Sewer Rehabilitation, including replacement and sliplining

  • Structure installation

  • Road reconstruction and landscaping


Work is progressing very well at the Graham Creek Storm Sewer. Crews completed all storm sewer work on Banner and Parkmount, as well as the reinstatement work at Canfield, which included large concrete matting, curb work and paving.

Current Work:

  • Slip lining

  • Shaft install

  • Excavation & install manhole elbow and riser (value engineering). The original scope included a secant pile shaft and pre-cast manhole installation, which was a very risky operation due to the soil conditions underneath the existing CSP sewer. The HDPE riser allows us to simply excavate to the top of the existing CSP sewer, where the ground conditions are good, and install the riser section of the manhole in the existing sewer.

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